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Want to bring character to your project with original music? Let's grab a beer and have a chat.


I am also available for remote session work, collaborations and live shows.

Jungle Flux - Sped Spedding

Jungle Flux - Sped Spedding

► Get the TABS and BACKING TRACK on my Patreon: ▶ My Amazon Shop: ▶ Check out my gear on Kit: ----------------------------------------------------- I have a small army of demos/songs like this... I've found it difficult to pin down a committed singer over the years and I don't want to let this body of work go to waste. Also, given YouTube's latest Copyright Witch Hunt, I need to plan for the future and make sure my channel has legs... I want to start creating more original content and show the world what's going on inside my head! All guitar tones are produced using a VICTORY SHERIFF 22 ▶ TWO NOTES TORPEDO STUDIO ▶ UAD APOLLO 8 Drums - Superior Drummer 3 Any questions? Peace, S #mixolydian #originalsong #funmusic #energeticmusic #guitarsolos Gear I am using: ►Ernie Ball: ►Zino Jewellery ►Strings And Things: ►Manfrotto: (Tripod & 60cm Slider) ►RODE Microphones: ►Panasonic G7 Camera: ►Thalia Capos: ►Hawk Picks: ►Website: ►Instagram: ►Twitter: ►Facebook:
Lack of Self-Love in America  ||  Documentary

Lack of Self-Love in America || Documentary

Lack of Self-Love in America || Documentary Over six weeks, I took a road trip across America and interviewed people from all over: New York, Chicago, Nashville, New Orleans, Austin, and LA in order to confront our deepest anxieties about body image. I asked complete strangers 3 questions: 1) Which part of your body are you least comfortable with? 2) Which part of your body do you love? 3) Which celebrity has the perfect body? I want to dispel myths that we're sold by the media. I want to alleviate the anxiety that is fuelled by this toxic discomfort of having to meet a social condition and a certain standard of beauty felt accepted by others and The Self. We've all felt the unrest of 2016 and 2017. With this in mind, it was even more important to capture and celebrate diversity. If my documentary makes you laugh or smile or think about something or someone in a more understanding and accepting way... I’ve done my job. Please like and share. Written and presented by: Music by: Interviewees: Amanda Citarella: Chris Montoya: Dutch Alley: Emma Maddock: Vanessa Hobson: || CONTRIBUTE || Help me make more creative videos: || COME HANG OUT WITH ME BETWEEN UPLOADS || INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: WEBSITE: #BodyImageDocumentary #FemaleFilmmaker #Documentary #BodyImage #BodyPositivity ►Studio Lights: ►25mm 1.7 Lens: ►Panasonic G7 Camera: ►Manfrotto: (Tripod & 60cm Slider) ►RODE Microphones:


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